Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How Long Does a Laptop Last?

We are currently considering replacing a Sony Vaio VGN bought in 2004, and my partner was shocked that her laptop only lasted ~3.5 years.  I was shocked it lasted that long, but I suppose I ride my machines harder (not only operation-wise, but I tend to knock them around physically a bit).  In my experience a decent (good) laptop lasts around 3 years, and a lame (budget Dell or Gateway) laptop lasts around 2 years, if you work at it.  I once managed to keep a Dell running for 3 years because I inherited a full-service warranty which lasted that long...
After trolling the internet I've found a number of conflicting opinions.  Some users, for example, who never let their laptop out to play on the internet have had VERY long lives.  Some (mainly mac-users) claim their laptops should last a minimum of 3 years, and usually max out at about 5, with the average lasting somewhere near four years.  I would expect something like a Sony Vaio, or a high-end HP to last that long on the PC side; but then again, I don't know if anyone has had that experience.  I'm on my first HP laptop now, less than a year old; so I will update this post once a year with a check-up; but in the meantime I invite the readers to vote on your experience. How long does your (average) laptop last??? (See poll on right)


LuisVillegas said...

I have been working irregularly with my IBM ThinkPad 380ED since 1998. So, it has been 10 years using my laptop! It already has some problems like the battery is not working and some keys are jumping out of the keyboard. But it still serves the general purpose of working with Office applications.

Best regards,

Luis R. Villegas H.
LVVL1000 (at) hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

I have a hp pavilion dv2530ee laptop which is in its 2nd year and has already visited the service center for repairs 5 times i hope it lasts at least 4-5 years

Brandon Hudson said...

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